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How to Replace the Ink Pads of Epson Printer?

Ink pads have limited life span and once they reach the end of their life you will receive an error message indicating it. Actually, these ink pads absorb extra and spilled ink while performing cleaning cycle of your printer. Once these ink pads are full you have to replace them. As printer don’t have anything to check if the ink pads are completely saturated so it just count number of pages printed as per its calculation it displays the message. In this situation you have two options, you can either call our service agents on Epson Printer Support Number UK or try mending this problem on your own by following these given steps: for Epson printer

Step 1: Unplug your printer and then place it on a sheet of paper or plastic so that the table or floor doesn’t get dirty with ink.

Step2: Remove the viewing panel from the back of your printer by removing the screws. Be careful in removing the panel with the help of screwdriver.

Step 3: Locate the ink waste tubes that are running side by side into the ink waste reservoir. One end of the tube must be attached to the inside of the printer and other side is loose. Pull the use ends so that they are hanging out. If you want you can also use needle nose pliers for this.

Step4: Remove the old ink pads. Make sure that your printer is placed on a paper so that the things don’t get messy. You can use hand rubber gloves to remove these pads and place them aside.

Step 5: Now clean the reservoir using paper towel and let it soak the ink.

Step 6: Either you can replace the old pads with a new one or clean the old pads by placing them in large bowl of hot water. Then place the loose end of the tube back into the reservoir exactly the way they are. In case, the task look difficult to you then you can dial us at Epson Printer Contact Number UK and we will let you know what should be done.

Step 7: Reset the counter and this way you can get rid of the error message. You can reset the counter to 0 to remove the error, this can be done with the help of software.

You might find all this a little bit clumsy, in that situation you can connect with our technical experts for better assistance.