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What are the accurate steps for Cleaning HP Printer?

Like printer is an important equipment to complete your printing needs, so as its cleaning is an essential task. When you use your printing device on daily basis, keep in mind that it need frequent maintenance for working effectively. Sometimes the dried ink or dust might form a layer on the interior of your printer and can clog the ink nozzles. The best thing is that the HP Printers comes with a built-in process that helps in cleaning the dried ink inside the cartridges. And if you are having difficulty with your HP Printer other than this, come in contact with the technicians at HP Printer Contact Help Number UK.

But if you are having any issues with the built in process of your HP device, then you can clean it manually.

The manual steps are suggested below:

• You need to turn on your device and open the cover by lifting it. When you see ink cartridges moving to the center of the printer, just unplug the power cord and move the cartridges out of the printer.
• Now, set the ink cartridges wide on a piece of paper. And then moisten cotton swabs and clean the edges around the nozzle in the bottom of the ink cartridges. But avoid touching the nozzle plates or copper contacts with the cotton swabs.
• And then, clean the ink cartridge with clean, damp cotton swabs. Thereafter, allow the ink cartridges and then replace them. Then, close the printer cover and plug in the power cord back again.
• Now, try to print a test page to ensure that the cartridges are reinstalled in the correct way.

But when you are having some difficulty in Automatic Cleaning, here are the right steps:

• You need to click Start and then All Programs. Now, look for the HP device in the long list and open the printer menu then.
• Now click the Printer Services option and then choose Clean the Print Cartridges. And then, click Clean option to clean the printer and try to print a test page.
• And then make sure that you have got the desired quality printout. If yes, click Done and if no, click Intermediate Clean to perform a deeper clean.

For further issues like this, you are suggested to contact the technical team at HP Printer Technical Care Number UK. They assure right answer to all your queries.