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Various Problems in Sending or Receiving Mails

The main purpose of using any Email Helpline Customer Service UK is to send and receive mail for an ongoing communication. However, there are times when for some reasons email users are not able to send and receive mails. At times, we are able to recognize the cause of the issue and fix it but on other occasions we are not able to identify the cause and its solution. You can take assistance from email experts if you too are getting any such issue by dialing Gmail Helpline Number UK. For now we are here going to discuss more about sending and receiving email issue.

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Can’t Send & Receive

There are few possibilities in such situation that you need to analyze:

- Make sure that you are able to access other web pages; if you are having any issue in that means the problem is with your internet connection.
- If the problem is not with your internet connection then please check your email settings. This you can do by clicking on File>Account Settings. The setting should be:
- Username should have full email address.
- Password should be the one you created at the time of creating the account.
- Incoming server setting: mail.yourdomail.com (Domain is Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook etc)
- Incoming Port Number: 110 (for POP3 account) or 143 (for IMAP account)
- Outgoing mail Server: mail.yourdomail.com
- Outgoing Port Number: 587
- If there is no problem with the settings then check that authentication for outgoing server is on.
- The last option in case the problem persists is to delete the account and set it up again. You can take assistance for this task from professional email techies at Hotmail Support Number UK.

Can send mail but can’t receive

Try the given method to fix this problem:

- First send a mail to yourself, if you get a bounce back, you will be able to check the error message related to this problem.
- One of the basic reasons behind it is “Disk Quota issue”. When you set up an email account, you are given a specific amount of space to store your emails and other web files. Once that space gets filled, you might not be able to receive mails.
- You can fix the issue either by deleting the mails or by buying more space.
- If the problem is not related to disk space then check your incoming server settings as mentioned above.

Can Receive Mails but can’t send

The given instructions will help you fix this problem:

- First check the advanced settings of your email account, mainly the outgoing port number. The outgoing port number should be 587.
- In case still you face the same problem then go to outgoing server settings (SMTP) and see:
- Outgoing mail server should be: mail.yourdomain.com (Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook)
- Outgoing port number: 587
- You must fill your email and password in Outgoing server; otherwise you might not able to send mails.
- The authentication required in Advanced Setting should also be turned on.

If you still face any other complication in sending or receiving mails then, it is time to grab your phone and dial us at Outlook Customer Care Number UK and get the appropriate solution required for your concerned issue.