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Why can’t I Use More Than One Antivirus at a Time?

We always believe that two soldiers are always better than one, when it comes to our security. But this is not the case with antivirus. A single antivirus can perform better, two always cause conflict. You can keep only one sword in the sheath, not more than that. If you are having more than one antivirus installed in your system please uninstall them, to know the un-installation process you can contact experts at Norton Customer Care Number UK.

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The question arises why we can’t have more than one antivirus in our system, as two can perform better than one. But after reading this blog, things will become clear to you.

Both Will Attempt to kill each Other: An Avast Customer Care Number UK antivirus program basically searches for software, supplications and programs that are monitoring and sending information to your system. When both antiviruses’ works together they think that the other antivirus is a virus that is sending information about your system and hence it tries to kill the program. Both software have conflict with each other and because of this none can perform its duty well.

They will think other as competitor: The main task for both is to kill or remove the virus. When both scan your system they fight over the virus. When an antivirus find a virus, either it tries to remove it or isolate it so it cannot hamper other files and your system. But if other antivirus finds that isolated virus file then it also tries to remove it and again isolate it according to its own objective. In such situation both these antivirus will send you notification about the same virus again and again, even when the virus is no more a threat for you. Obviously, continuous notifications look frustrating to anyone.

Note: You can stop unwanted notification from your antivirus, please consult our antivirus experts at Mcafee Customer Care Number UK to know exact process for stopping pop-ups and alerts.

Together they will consume the power: We all know that antivirus uses lot of system memory while conducting system scan and other functions. If you are having two active antiviruses working at the same time, then obviously they will consume more power and hamper your system performance.

So, now you know that when you have two antiviruses working together, instead of benefiting you they create more problems. They will either hamper your system functioning or completely wipe it out. It is not a wise idea to keep them together in your system. If you need any sort of help in installing or uninstalling the software then please dial us at Avg Support Number UK and let us help you.