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Canon Printer Paper Feed Problems with Solutions

Printer gives its output on a sheet of paper, if there is no paper in the printing machine then you will not get any kind of printout. Even if the paper is not fed properly, then also you won’t be able to print. This is the same case with every printer, even with the most reputed brand like Norton. But this issue can be resolved easily by taking care of few things. Just few checks and your problem will be fixed.

1. The most important thing that you need to check is that you have loaded papers in the paper tray.

2. Please ensure the following things while loading paper:
• Keep the sheets aligned before loading them.
• The paper stack should not exceed paper load limit.
• Always load paper in portrait orientation, no matter in which orientation you are printing.
• You should load paper with the print side facing up.

3. Check the paper you are printing is not:
• Folded, curled or wrinkled.
• Damp.
• Not too thick or thin.
• Paper with adhesive or decorated with glitters
• Paper with holes or which is not rectangular
The paper should be appropriate for printing. Other you will face paper jam issue with the machine. It should be of perfect size and it shouldn’t’ have anything stick on it.

4. While printing on envelop please consider the following:
• Press down all the corners and edges of envelop.
• Make sure envelop is not curled or folded.
• Then load the paper and for that open the paper support. Pull out the paper output tray then slide the paper guide to the left and load envelop with print side facing up.

5. You also need to make sure that the paper size matches the paper size in printer setting.

6. Similarly, also make sure that media type settings also correspond with paper type.

7. Check for foreign object in the rear tray.
• If you could see paper bits in the rear tray then you need to clear them before you start printing.
• In case, you could see any other foreign object in the machine then first turn off the machine and unplug it from the power cord. After that, remove the foreign object from the machine.

8. Clean the paper feed roller if you could see any dirt or paper powder attached to it. But here I would like to mention then cleaning paper feed roller with wear it out so perform cleaning only if necessary.

If you have any query about any of the above mentioned thing or any other issue then feel free to connect with Canon Printer Support Number UK. We will answer all your questions.