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Keep Your Canon Printer On Top-Notch Condition

Printer is an expensive machine which one cannot replace in every six months. One must learn to maintain their printer so that the machine can work without any flaw for years. A little knowledge about this machine and its maintenance tips can keep your Canon Printer run smoothly and give you professional like printouts.

• Print Head Cleaning: Print head is an essential part of the printer without which it will be difficult for a user to get desired print. Most Canon Printers comes with cleaning cycle that allows you to clean the print head automatically. If your printer model doesn’t have this feature then you can manually clean the print head. Remove the cartridge and clean the print head using warm water. Learn more about print head cleaning from experts on Canon Printer Phone Number UK.

• Use Genuine Printer Parts: Whenever you need to replace any part of the printer such as cartridge, spooler, fuser unit or roller then only use genuine Canon parts for better performance.

• Keep the Printer Off When You Are Not Using It: Printer is a machine that generates a lot of heat when turned on, so better keep it off when you are not going to use it for a longer time. If the printer remains turned on, it can dry up the cartridge, resulting in clogged print head.

• Have Latest Printer Driver: Printer driver is software that connects your printer with the computer. It is necessary to keep the driver up-to-date for better functioning of the printer. Better install your printer driver from manufacturer website. Outdated printer driver can cause malfunction of the printer.

• Regular Usage of Printer: It is necessary to keep using your printer, otherwise ink cartridge will dry out. Even if you are not a regular user, still try to print one or two page alternatively and one should have full color print at least every 10 days.

• Take Care of Technical Issues: A printer can encounter various issues with it. Generally when one encounter any technical issue they could see an error code on the display screen. These error codes should be rectified on time if you want your printer to function well.

One can take help from technical team of expert on Canon Printer Helpline Number UK to correct any problem of your printer. Our experts will also guide some more maintenance tips to increase the life of your machine.