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Replace Canon Printer Ink Absorber Pads at Home

A Canon Printer comes with an Ink Absorber features that absorbs extra ink that comes out while printing and running a print head cleaning utility. This way ink absorbers prevent smearing and keep the cartridge free from dried ink. With time, as you keep using your printer, these ink absorber pads become saturated with the ink and there comes a time when they need to clean or replace. Canon Printer will display an error message when these ink pads are full of ink thus you don’t have to check them every now and then. Although, we recommend you to take help from printer technicians who are available at Canon Printer Help Number UK, although if you want then you can do it on your own at your home. Follow the instructions given here for this purpose:

Note: Use gloves to keep your hands clean.

• Open your printer like you do when you install a new cartridge.
• Let the cartridge unit move to the center of the printing unit.
• Now unplug the printer so that cartridge remains at that position.
• Now look for the ink absorber, they will be in their black rubber frame. They are mostly located under the ink cartridge at the right side of your printer.
• Then take a paper napkin and absorbent material to soak the excess ink in the pads by pressing it down onto the top of the frame.
• Pull the rubber frame free from the printer and remove ink absorber pads from the frame.
• After this, insert new ink absorber pads into the rubber frame and then replace the rubber frame to its original position and close the printer.
• Further, hold down the power button and plug the printer back.
• Keep holding the power button, until your printer begins to reset and comes to online mode.
• When the green light turns off, press and release the power button again.
• The light will blink for 2-3 seconds and then gets stable.
• This is an indication that your printer has been reset and now you can continue with printing without any error.

If the process look bit difficult to you or you get stuck in the middle of the process, then dial Canon Printer Technical Support Number UK and ask our professionals to help you. They will answer all your queries and help you complete the process without any mess.