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How to Print Using Black Ink When Colored Ink Are Almost Empty?

Imagine you are already late for a business meeting and then you realize that you still have to take some important printout for the presentation. When you connect your Epson Printer with computer to take out print, you find out that your printer is out off colored ink cartridge. Now obviously you do not have much time to replace or refill cartridge, neither you can go without important documents. In this situation, you are left with one solution and that is to make your printer temporarily print in black ink.

Of course, this option is only available when you have black ink in the cartridge. This is just a temporary solution and ultimately you will have to replace the expended cartridges. To replace or refill empty cartridges please take assistance from experts of Epson printer Customer Care Number UK. You can follow the given instruction as per your operating system to print with black ink.

Windows Operating System: Before we begin with actual steps, you must have received a pop-up window from Epson Status Monitor 3 to cancel the print job. Simply, click Stop/Cancel Print for the same then continue with the given steps:

• Load a plain paper and get access to your printer settings.
• Now go to the Main tab and select the correct Quality option from the settings.
• Then select Plain paper/Envelope as type setting.
• For the print option, tick the Grayscale checkbox and click Ok.

Now send your command to print your file, you will receive a message from Epson Status Monitor 3 asking you permission to print in black, click Print in Black.

Mac OS X: When your color ink cartridge becomes empty, most probably you will not be able to continue printing. In this situation, click printer icon and when the printer displays a message to cancel the print job, click Delete. After that, you can continue with the given steps:

• First, access Epson Printer Utility 4 dialog box and click driver settings.
• Out tick on Permit temporary black printing checkbox.
• Now load the pain paper to access Print dialog box.
• After that, click on drop down arrow button to expand the dialog box and then select your printer as a Printer Settings and then make appropriate settings.
• Then select Printer settings from the pop-up menu and choose Plain Papers/Envelope as a media type setting.
• Now change Color settings to Grayscale and then click Print to close the print dialog box.

In case, you want to know how you can print from low ink cartridge then feel free to consult from our printer experts who are working at Epson Printer Helpline Number UK 24x7 to assist you.