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Directions for HP Printer Ink Cartridge Alignment

HP Printers are widely used all over the world because they are user-friendly and easy to maintain. Moreover, these printers promise quality print and durability to its users. You can use these printers to print documents, images, envelops and other things. Every time when you print the cartridge shifts a little, a shift is un-noticeable at the initial stage but as the time passes, you will start noticing misaligned printouts. This also happens when you replace a low-quality or empty print cartridge; in that case, you need to align all the printer’s cartridges. Alignment is necessary to get a proper printout, otherwise, you might notice a shift in margins or misaligned text.

HP Printer technicians are always available to provide you support on their HP Printer Helpline Number UK, if you need any sort of assistance to align printer cartridge. Although, the process is very easy and even a novice user can follow the instructions given here to align their printer.

• Hit the power button of your HP Printer and then place a piece of paper into the input tray.
• Now click the Start button from your computer screen and then from the menu that appears, click “All Programs”. This will show you the list of all installed programs.
• Locate your HP Printer folder and hover your cursor over it to highlight it.
• Now select “HP Solution Center” and let the program get loaded.
• After this, click “printer settings” and then click on the “Printer Toolbox” from the printer settings.
• Now go to the “Device Settings” tab. This will list the options to service the unit and change specific settings.
• Then you have to click “Align the Print Cartridge” and press “Ok” button.
• Now wait and let the HP Printer print a cartridge alignment sheet.
• When the printer finishes printing the alignment sheet, wait for the “On” light to stop flashing. A steady “On” light is an indication that your printer is now aligned and you can continue printing.

You can also align your printer by resetting it or by using a correct type of paper. To know about the process in detail, please give us a call at HP Printer Customer Support Number UK. We will help you fix this issue and other issues related to your HP Printer. When we are with you, you won’t face any printer related issue.